General business context

The air transport industry and the trend in airport traffic 6

In 2015, passenger traffic at airports worldwide increased by 6.1%, the highest growth rate since 2010.

Passengers in North America numbered approximately 1.7 billion, showing an increase of 5.6% compared to the previous year. Specifically, domestic traffic within the United States was increased by 5.5%, and international traffic by 6.1%.

In Europe, the number of passengers has been nearly 1.9 billion, showing an increase of 5% compared to the previous year with 4.8% increase in international traffic and +5.2% for domestic flights respectively.

Asia, with nearly 2.5 billion passengers, enjoyed traffic growth of 8%, while in Africa the numbers were in line with 2014 (-0.1%).

In South America, traffic (with nearly 600 million passengers) was increased by 5.5% and the Middle East (with nearly 300 million passengers) showed a 11.3% growth.

The trend in motorway traffic

 In Italy, motorway traffic increased by 3.2% 7 thanks to the first signs of an economic recovery and the lower cost of fuel. The growth was driven by both light traffic (+3.2%) and heavy vehicles (+3.3%).

In the United States, traffic showed an increase of 4.3% with respect to 2014 8,

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