XI. Other financial assets

(€k)  31.12.201531.12.2014Change
Interests-bearing sums with third parties 2,412 2,563 (151)
Guarantee deposits 8,016 7,862 154
Other financial receivables from third parties 4,522 4,913 (391)
Other equity investments - 6,643 (6,643)
Fair value of interest rate hedging derivatives 219 - 219
Total 15,169 21,981 (6,812)

“Other financial receivables from third parties” consist primarily of amounts due from the non-controlling shareholders of some North American subsidiaries for capital advances, taking account of their ability to pay the sums back with future earnings.

At 31 December 2014, “Other equity investments” covered the fair value of World Duty Free S.p.A. shares held to service the 2010 Stock Option Plan (see section 2.2.12). The change by the end of the year reflects the beneficiaries’ complete exercise of their stock options, and the sale of the remaining shares to the third parties that acquired World Duty Free S.p.A. in August 2015.