XVII. Other financial liabilities

(k)  31.12.201531.12.2014Change
Fair value of interest rate hedging derivatives - 3,888 (3,888)
Accrued expense and deferred income for interest on loans 7,918 7,576 342
Lease payments due to others (Note VII) 639 666 (27)
Fair value of exchange rate hedging derivatives 340 1,043 (703)
Other financial accrued expense and deferred income 391 232 159
Total 9,288 13,405 (4,117)

The change in the “Fair value of interest rate hedging derivatives” with respect to 31 December 2014 reflects the termination in June 2015 of such instruments (at their natural expiration), with a combined notional value of € 120m.

“Fair value of exchange rate hedging derivatives” refers to the fair value measurement of the derivatives entered into to hedge currency risk, in particular to the forward sale and/or

purchase of currency, in connection with intercompany loans and dividends. The change for the year is due primarily to the exchange rate with the Swiss franc.

Details of the derivatives outstanding at year end are provided in section 2.2.6 “Financial risk management”.