IV. Other receivables

(€m)  31.12.201531.12.2014Change
Suppliers 29,503 38,150 (8,647)
Lease and concession advance payments 16,498 23,040 (6,542)
Inland revenue and government agencies 18,648 24,984 (6,336)
Receivables from credit card companies 15,487 11,478 4,009
Advances to grantors for investments 9,609 4,520 5,089
Sub-concessionaires 2,289 3,786 (1,497)
Receivables from the parent for tax consolidation 14,472 14,645 (173)
Personnel 695 803 (108)
Other 30,414 26,581 3,833
Total 137,615 147,987 (10,372)

“Suppliers” refers to amounts receivable for promotional contributions and supplier bonuses awaiting settlement, as well as advances for services to be received.The difference is explained by dynamics in the settlement of premiums, in addition to exchange rate trends.

“Lease and concession advance payments” consist of lease instalments paid in advance, as required by contract.

Receivables from “Inland revenue and government agencies” relate mostly to indirect taxes. The decrease reflects mainly the non-recourse factoring of an Italian VAT credit in the amount of € 6,542k.

“Receivables from credit card companies” increased due to the greater use of electronic payments and the appreciation of the US dollar against the Euro.

“Advances to grantors for investments” concern commercial investments carried out on behalf of concession grantors.

Amounts due from “Sub-concessionaires” refer to businesses licensed to others and consist mainly of rent receivable.

“Receivables from the parent for tax consolidation” concern the amount due from Edizione S.r.l. to the Italian companies in the Group that participate in the domestic tax consolidation scheme.

“Other” consists mainly of prepayments for maintenance and insurance policies and advances on local taxes.