V. Trade receivables

(€m)  31.12.201531.12.2014Change
Third parties 54,691 48,758 5,933
Bad debt reserve (6,377) (6,249) (128)
Total 48,314 42,509 5,805

“Third parties” refers mainly to catering service agreements and accounts with affiliated companies.

Movements in the “Allowance for impairment” are shown below:

Allowance for impairment at 31 december 2014 6,249
Increases, net of use 2,054
Other movements and exchange rate differences (1,454)
Utilizations (472)
Allowance for impairment at 31 december 2015 6,377

Net allocations of € 2,054k in 2015 reflect the impairment of disputed receivables.

Utilizations, amounting to € 472k, refer to the settlement of disputes during the year against which bad debt provisions had been made in the past.