XXXI. Depreciation, amortization and impairment losses

In detail by type of assets:

(k)  20152014Change
Other intangible assets 17,006 15,684 1,322
Property, plant and equipment 171,424 149,558 21,866
Assets to be transferred free of charge 23,171 22,223 948
Total 211,601 187,465 24,136

The increase is essentially due to the appreciation of the US dollar against the Euro.

Impairment losses (net of reversals) were recognized in the amount of € 12,721k, following tests of the recoverability of carrying amounts on the basis of the projected cash flows of each cash generating unit.

The following table provides a breakdown by type of asset:

(k)  20152014Change
Other intangible assets 165 - 165
Property, plant and equipment 9,423 5,830 3,593
Assets to be transferred free of charge 3,133 4,304 (1,171)
Total 12,721 10,134 2,587

See notes VII, VIII and IX for details of the assumptions and criteria used to measure impairment.